The High Cost of Low-Bid Home Builders

Avoid Costly Mistakes and Hire the Best Contractor to Build Your Custom Home Building high-quality, custom homes is a complex undertaking. Most of us have never done it before. This blog will help you hire the right contractor to build your custom home. I hope it will save you time, money, and headaches. Mike Sherman, … Read more

What Features Make a House a Happy Home?

How your architect or home designer can make sure your new home enhances your quality-of-life By Steve Moeller, Vice President, Sherman Homes Construction, Inc. We Americans spend 90% of our lives indoors. Most of it in our homes. That’s significant, because our homes have a profound impact on our emotional state and our quality-of-life. Happy people … Read more

How to Design a Custom Home You Love… and Can Afford to Build

Have you dreamed of designing and building a custom home? Are you moving to a new area where you can’t find a home that suits your unique style, budget, and priorities? Perhaps, like so many people, you have lost your home in a disaster—and just want to get your home and your life back. There … Read more