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We Help You Make informed Financial Decisions While You Are Designing Your Project

"Value Engineering Enables us to Discover options that provide the same beauty, quality, and function at a lower cost."
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Mike Sherman

A Better Way to Design Your Custom Home (or Home Improvement)

collaboration is the key to  A 
Custom home Design you love—
that fits your budget & priorities

Having an experienced custom home builder on your design team is the only proven way to manage your costs. That’s because the Project Scope, specifying what is to be built, determines the ultimate cost. The bigger the scope of a project, the more labor and materials will be required, and the higher the cost will be.

To help our clients make informed design decisions, we provide real-time cost estimates for different design optionsduring the design phase. Knowing the relative costs of different design options helps our clients stay on budget.

Collaborating with us during the planning and design phases of your project will optimize your investment—and satisfaction with your new home.  

Three Types of Luxury Home Design Services

  1. Architectural Elegance

Custom Home Design

For people who have the time, money and, desire to create a one-off-a-kind home, a home that expresses their unique personality, lifestyle, and interests.

Collaborate with us and a local architect of your choice to design an elegant custom home you love — that perfectly fits your budget, style, and priorities.

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2. Affordable Luxury

Choose from Our 9-Semi-Custom Home Designs

Beautiful, high-quality homes from 2,000 to 3,500 square feet. For people who want the fastest, easiest, and lowest-cost design for their new home.

We will personalize one of our nine ready-to build, custom home designs to fit your style, budget, and priorities.

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3. Luxury Renovations & Additions

Home Improvement Designs

For people who want to make significant improvements or additions to their existing homes or backyards.

Collaborate with us and an architect or home designer to prepare your home improvement plans.

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Fast & Efficient, High-Quality Custom-Home Construction

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If you are dreaming of a new home or significant home improvement, give us a call. We are happy to discuss your project and current building costs.


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