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Make informed financial decisions while you are designing your project.

"Value Engineering explores options that provide the same beauty, quality, and function at a lower cost."
Mike Sherman

A Better Way to Design Your Home (or Home Improvement)

The cost and complexity of home building and remodeling has skyrocketed over the past few years. 

Traditional methods of designing a custom home and then requesting bids often create problems for homeowners and architects.

Adding a quality home builder to your design team will save you time, money, and frustrations.

We will collaborate with you and an architect to design a home (or home improvement) you love —that fits your budget & priorities

  • We work closely with the area’s top architects and home designers. We can introduce you to a home-design professional who is a good fit for your project or collaborate with any architect that you choose.
  • There is no reason to design a home that is beyond your budget to build. We will help you establish a realistic starting budget and guide you to make cost-conscious decisions throughout the design process. The result is a design and budget that perfectly fit your priorities.
  • We provide you with real-time construction cost estimates—before and during the home-design process. We will compile and organize the cost of every item that goes into building your home. This will allow you to make informed design and materials decisions, based on your budget, preferences, and priorities.
  • We can’t control costs but we can help you manage them. Where appropriate, we will recommend alternative design and material options that offer the same quality and functionality at a lower cost.
  • Sherman Custom Homes will guide you through a proven process to design and build your new home or improvement—with minimal surprises, delays, and waste. Our collaborative process reduces stress and makes the entire process as fast, easy, and fun as possible.

Three Types of Collaborative Design

  1. Architectural Elegance

Custom Home Design

For people who have the time, money and, desire to create a one-off-a-kind home, a home that expresses their unique personality, lifestyle, and interests.

Collaborate with an architect of your choice and Sherman Custom Homes to design a home you love — that perfectly fits your budget, style, and priorities.

2. Affordable Luxury

Semi-Custom Home Design

For people who want the fastest, easiest, and lowest cost-way to design their new home.

Customize one of our nine ready-made floor plans to fit your style, budget, and priorities.

3. Luxury Renovations & Additions

Home Improvement Designs

For people who want to make significant improvements to their existing homes.

Collaborate with Sherman Custom Homes and a home designer of your choice to design and value engineer your home improvement project.

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